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Version: 1.20.x

Preset Slot Types

A list of commonly used slot types that are already defined in Curios for developers to use.


One of the benefits of using Curios is that multiple developers can share slot types between each other, allowing mechanics and items to cooperate seamlessly. As long as the identifier for the slot type is the same, the slot types will be merged together upon registration. To reduce the need for redundant code and data, Curios provides a preset list of slot types that are commonly used in the modded community and should be favored over creating wholly unique slot types when applicable.


Although these slot types are provided by Curios, they are not added to any entities by default. This needs to be done by the developer or user by adding slot types to entities.

Slot Types

curioUniversal, able to equip or be equipped into any slot typeBotania
backItems worn on the back, such as capes or backpacksBackpacked, BountifulBaubles, Elytra Slot, Shulker Box Slot
beltItems worn around the waist, such as belts or pouchesArtifacts, Cyclic, Nature's Aura
bodyItems worn around the torso, such as cloaks or shirtsEngineer's Tools, Reliquary
braceletItems worn around the wrist, such as bands or bracelets
charmMiscellaneous items, either held or not associated with a body partAngel Ring, Charm of Undying, Dark Utilities
headItems worn on top of the head, such as crowns or hatsVanillaTweaks
handsItems worn on hands, such as gloves or gauntletsArtifacts, Cyclic
necklaceItems worn around the neck, such as amulets or necklacesAzure RPG Items, Potion Capsule
ringItems worn on the "fingers", such as ringsEnigmatic Legacy, Gobber