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Version: 1.20.x

Entity Slot Types

A tutorial on how to add registered slot types to entities.


The recommended way to add a registered slot type to an entity is through a datapack. If you are unfamiliar with datapacks, it is recommended to read through the wiki page in order to understand the concept and structure before proceeding to the rest of this page.

Registered slot types will all be available for use but will not appear in-game until they are added to one or more entities.

Alternatively, users can instead choose to use the Curios configuration to create and assign slot types to players only. There are fewer features than those offered in the datapack method, but some users may find the process to be more straightforward.


The file should be a .json file located in the ~/data/(namespace)/curios/entities/ folder of the datapack.


The file can be named anything.

The (namespace) field should be replaced by the namespace chosen for this portion of the datapack. If this is a part of a mod, the namespace is usually the mod ID. If this is part of a user-defined datapack, then the namespace can be anything that is lowercased with no special characters.


The structure of the .json file for the entity configuration consists of a top-level JSON object that holds several potential fields.

All fields are optional unless otherwise noted.

replace (boolean)

When true, replaces data from lower-priority datapacks.

  • default: false

entities (string[])

An array of registry names of entity types or entity type tags.

  • default: []

slots (string[])

An array of identifier names for registered slot types.

  • default: []

conditions (string[])

An array of ICondition implementations that must all pass before these slots are loaded into these entities.

  • default: []

All the listed slots will be associated to all the listed entities.


Adding multiple of the same identifier to the slots array will not add multiple slots. Each entry in the slots array represents a registered slot type and the entries do not stack, please refer to that page in order to change slot type behavior including default size.


"entities": ["player", "minecraft:zombie"],
"slots": ["head", "back"]

This configuration will give two slot types, head and back, to all players and all zombies.